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About Me

Started poor. But working my ass off to earn money & support myself and traveling the world while i can from my hard-earned money. Life is not easy, rather more complicated but i have to make it work out well.

Still, i'm not rich and working very hard for a better life. But my life mission right now is trying to visit every country on earth (@127/195) by the next 4 years (2023), then retire for good, and hopefully will finish them all sooner. So wish me luck & join me for the most exciting ride ahead.

I called myself "THE WORLD EXPLORER".

Because I'm a self-funded traveler. Not a Blogger or Social Media Influencer (who gets paid to travel for free, but i'm not 1 of them) as i am working hard everyday (just like U) for a good life and i'm very proud of myself for coming this far by doing everything my own. 


After i've been dreaming over 20 years & Today, Dec 16, 2019: I finally have my OWN WEBSITE, under my own name and i have full control over it. I am very happy & so excited in writing this personal website to share memories of my life journeys to friends, family, and anyone who loves traveling!


Thank you for stopping by. I hope my world travels will inspire you to travel to this beautiful world. Because it's really worth it. 

- Globally Mike✌️

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